Saigon and Heading North: 1

The Curse of Technology

I’m cursing myself. I suppose I’m allowed a few moments of stupidity but sometimes I really wonder if I should spend my time simply being content with a good book and a bottle of wine and never being let out alone.

A few months ago I decided that the iPad, good though it is as a travelling companion, it really doesn’t have enough grunt for serious work as in editing pictures, writing text and, in particular, blogging.

Thus I bought myself a MacBook Air and immediately fell in lust with it. It’s fast, has an excellent keyboard and all the whistles and bells. I’ve got LightRoom and Silver Efex Pro loaded as well as a few other goodies which form a perfect combination.

So what did I do when I left on this trip? I decided to leave the Air and take the iPad, purely on the basis of saving a bit of weight. It quickly proved to be an error, though not a life-threatening one. I found it almost impossible to work WorkPress properly on the iPad so am at this moment trying a small experiment. That’s to say I’m writing this blog in Pages, an excellent little word processing programme in App form. Hopefully I can drop a few pictures in. We’ll see. It seems to be very ‘clunky’ so the plan will be to post little and often.

The following shot was pretty much the first cab off the rank. I have a peripheral project which is to photograph people reading newspapers. Sadly they are a diminishing breed.


5 thoughts on “Saigon and Heading North: 1

  1. Roger
    It’s nice to read your blog which somehow transited itself onto FB . Thanks for the info re the MacBook Air too. If I’m ever brave enough to go beyond iPhone I’ll look at that as a travel option. Cheers Dave

  2. Fascinated by your peripatetics and great images. Of course the iPad does not replace a computer – it isn’t a computer. Nonetheless, I love mine, as I expect you will yours once you accept it for what it is.
    Keep me on the mailing list
    Fondest wishes

  3. Hi Roger, good to know all is going well even you having slight issues with the iPad/Mac Air however iWorks Pages is an excellent choice I have been using this for a long time could not do without. As for the Mac Air super cool machine and maybe you bring it next time, ha, ha.
    Have more fun and enjoy Vietnam, I am of the Radar for a while too cruising Cambodia. Cheers Gunther

  4. The iPad has transformed my travel communications for 3 years now & it is so compact in a back pack . Airport security don’t ask you to bring it out, either ( except in Russia). I download my photos onto my iPad using the apple SD card reader.
    But as for working on the images, that is on my IMac when I get home.
    Interesting to compare notes. Clive.

    1. I agree Clive and Chris. I’ve been joined at the hip with mine for three years, in fact on the second one and loving the retina screen for pics. However, it does run out of grunt when I want to do anything a bit more ‘serious’such as formatting a blog or resizing pics etc. Hence buying the Air which is great machine. You can even shave with it which is an added bonus. So next time no Mr Nice Guy, I take it with me.
      The WordPress App has some merit but a lot of shortcoming so I’ll be sending out short blogs with a couple of pics.
      Thanks both for your feedback. And it’s good to hear you’re just next door Gunther, pity we couldn’t have planned a catchup. But next year I may head up your way.

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