Bali and Beyond

Sea Change on the Horizon

The past few months have been the beginning of a watershed. A slight change of life style and direction. Only slight of course, I don’t like drama.

I have been living in Fremantle, Australia, for close to 40 years. Those years have been great fun, sometimes profitable and sometimes a touch irritating when it comes to glancing at the pile of bills alongside the bank statement. I imagine a few people experience that feeling.

I’ve pretty much covered Australia from top to bottom and side to side. Produced a number of books and written umpteen articles about everything from mining, agriculture, prospecting, cattle rustling, rodeos, fishing, pearling, diamonds … it goes on.

Now, with massive changes in the media resulting from new technology, great changes in photography for similar reasons and changes in my mind for no particular reasons, I have made a decision to take a sideways shift in lifestyle.

Bali, peaceful and charming

Fremantle is a little over three hours flying time from Bali, a place I enjoy for it’s laid back lifestyle, peaceful culture and charm. Thus I thought “Why not work from Bali?” It costs very little to live here in reasonable comfort and it is a convenient  point to reach pretty well anywhere in Asia. So now I’m spending a few weeks here looking for a suitable place with two or three bedrooms, a swimming pool and space for an office. Thus I can live a ‘fly in fly out’ lifestyle and friends are welcome to drop in when they wish.

The idea is to carry on doing what I do, produce a few more books of one sort or another, write a few articles and not make any rigid rules. I don’t do stress.

I’ve also made a commitment to shoot more film, black and white, as well as the digital colour  necessary for articles. More on that later but I have bought myself a rather indulgent Christmas present. I’ll show and tell in a later post, probably mid January.

Here’s the view from what I refer to as my ‘Lunch Office’. I also have a ‘Coffee Office’ and a little further down the road a ‘Beer Office’.


I confess that I do enjoy taking snaps on my iPad. This was a straight shot which went through a sort of random button pressing process on the  Snapseed App which is far more entertaining than any computer games.

16 thoughts on “Bali and Beyond

  1. As you know, I do so relate – being of kindred spirit. Go for it Roger! I love this by Gil Stern “…Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute…” Give it your best and enjoy!

    1. Thanks Chris, will do. I’ll find some decent snorkelling spots for you. Have a great New Year. I’ll be in touch via email but currently having wifi probe. Could be the monsoon weather but it could also have something to do with Bintang Beer 🙂

  2. Hi Roger, wow you finally made to Bali great, now I have a good reason to come down there and have beer or two with you watching the sunset. BTW I like this Idea about film a lot….We stay in touch and if I am really fed up over her I drop by. Cheers Gunther

    1. You’d better believe it Gunther. I hope I can get up to your neck of the woods in 2014. And have a great year, you’re one of the best of the old(is) goats still out there and shooting. Have a happy and prosperous New Year mate.

      1. Hi Roger, first lets have a nice or maybe two drinks for the New Year! Thanks a lot for the Goat compliments love it…sitting here with my Son of 24 years of age having a good bottle of Australian Red Wine. I actually became an Australian some 24 years ago my son just reminded me how old I am, ohhh shit but that’s Ok. Love creating images and that will never stop…but now I am listening to some ancient music (for some) but not for us old Goats like Ten Years After, Jethro Tull, Toto, and so many others…
        Roger have a real great and very Happy New Year and truly lets catch up one of those days even if not for a photo shoot but just old memories and friendship. Take good care and enjoy where ever you might hang out right now. Need to bring the glass to my lips…
        Cheers Gunther

        1. G’day Gunther. Sorry mate, I read this weeks ago but then lost my wifi connection in Indo. I’ll drop you a note later. Hell of a lot happening here and just on the point of a fly in fly out (Bali/Perth) situation. A lot of travel coming up this year and we’re definitely going to catch up.
          Thanks for those New Year wishes and I offer you the same. Stay healthy and happy – so good to see you’ve mastered the art of focusing, exposing, composing and enjoying over the years 🙂 Keep a bottle of red for me please.

          1. hi Roger
            just got your “late” reply no worries happen to me too and the Bottle or Two of Red Wine are on standby be very cool to catch up with you and the next day we’re both it of focus.
            cheers Gunther

  3. I’m impressed by your audacity & courage in adopting the iPad in the same breath as your well- loved Leica’s. Now you are setting a new standard in iPad photography with snapseed processing. Keep on sending us reminders of Bali beer tent. Can understand why the laid back lifestyle suits you Roger.

  4. Sounds like a sound idea. Whatever you do, do it in peace and with good health. I wish you all the best, and am sure that we will meet up again in good old Freo.

    1. I’ll be around Freo for a few months yet Nigel. Currently doing a sort of Fly In Fly Out stint. Have a healthy and prosperous 2104 and beyond … don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  5. LOST and FOUND……………………… The sixties the Beatles and 2 guys somewhere in Maida Vale practising their craft that they would unleash and become 2 of the worlds greatest photographers……… That’s you and me my Long Lost Friend

    1. Clive! What a great surprise. I’ve been trying to track you down for years. I’ll be in touch on email, too much news for here. Yeah, those were the days … hell, we knew it all.

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