Back to Back in Fremantle



Most photographers have the work of the old master shooters firmly imprinted in their minds. Lisette Model was a photographer who’s simplicity of style appealed to me and some of her images of the backs of subjects have become icons.

I was wandering around Fremantle and came across these two exuding inimitable style in the city’s West End.

3 thoughts on “Back to Back in Fremantle

  1. Hi Rog, What an arse…on the left! The big, fat, tattooed guy on the right, with a wedgy presumably stepped into the frame unexpectedly

    Great images, thanks The “Rembrandt” fish lady went down a storm at the camera club. Sure got some street cred now. Thanks for the inspiration. In Zurich suburbs for two days at an editorial meeting. Have to persuade an American author to write in English, not USA patois…no mean task

    Keep pressing that little button… Chris

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    1. Chris, Wedgy indeed! I’d actually noticed these two walking down the road, hand in hand, and missed the shot. Rather fortuitously they stopped, as you see them here. Immediately afterwards I saw the lady in the doorway, just over the road.

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